& Beyond....?

& Beyond....?

Hello and WELCOME to Riverbend & Beyond! A little place on the interwebz where the team of Rivberbend Dentistry will share some tidbits with you, whether you are part of the Riverbend family or not (yet)!

& Beyond...?

Well, we work with teeth, on teeth, removing teeth, replacing teeth, talk teeth ALL DAY LONG. If we wouldn't want to read about teeth all the time, we doubt you would either. And since we believe so strongly in community involvement and support, "& Beyond" leaves the door open for us to talk about whatever we want around town. Don't be surprised if you see our new favorite restaurant in Jefferson City featured and guest blog posts from some of our favorite people and patients, maybe even what's on our podcast list lately.

We decided to start a blog with the launch of our new website as a way to connect and EDUCATE! And just have some fun sharing some of the things that make us happy.

A little taste...

  • Oral health linked to systemic diseases (in other words, how gum disease affects your heart health, diabetes, and more),

  • Behind the scenes at Riverbend Dentistry,

  • Inspiration to reach your optimal health,

  • Information about kids' oral health,

  • Services offered at Riverbend,

  • Featured patients,

  • Featured specialists,

  • Case studies from our patients,

  • New oral health-related research,

  • Dental products (including junk I know you've seen on Instagram or Facebook),

  • And so much more. (As I mentioned, expect some non-teeth talk too.)

If you have a Riverbend & Beyond blog idea or would like to be featured, please email us at riverbenddentistry@gmail.com.

We can't wait to get started!

Insurance 101: How Does Dental Insurance Work? [The $1,000 maximum]

Insurance 101: How Does Dental Insurance Work? [The $1,000 maximum]