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riverbend dentistry dental wellness membership

We are proud to offer our exclusive membership program for self-pay patients.

Just say NO to: deductibles, waiting periods, maximums, claim forms, calling insurance companies, enrollment periods, pre-determinations, and pre-existing exclusions.

Your annual membership fee provides you will instant discounts on cleanings, fillings, dentures, whitening, and more! (An average family of 4 would save $325+ annually for just their routine hygiene appointments alone!)

Click here to see additional information and here for the enrollment form.

Call, Cassie or Amy, our Treatment/Office Coordinators, for additional questions or to submit your enrollment form today. Remember, you can enroll anytime! (573) 635-6080

12-Month Membership Fees:

  • New Patient $375 ($55+ savings)

  • Current Patient: $299 ($55+ savings)

  • Additional Family Member: $275 Each ($79+ savings)

  • Perio plan add-on fee: $150

12-Month Benefits Include:

  • Two exams & two healthy-mouth cleanings

  • Annual X-ray Images (7-8 bitewings new patients, 4 current)

  • One free emergency exam and x-ray image! ($111 value)

  • Kids under 14 also receive two free fluoride treatments ($40 value each)

  • 15-20% on most other services provided by Riverbend Dentistry, see more below!


Sample Estimated Savings

Savings on Additional Services Included

  • Emergency Exam $111 – free!

  • Fluoride Varnish $40 – free!

  • 1-Surface Filling $36 off

  • 3-Surface Filling $59 off

  • Ceramic Crown $173 off

  • SRP (deep cleaning) $39-55 off/quadrant

  • Surgical Extraction $60 off

  • Panoramic X-ray $24 off

  • Root Canal $159-216 off

  • Dentures $264+ off each

  • 20% off fillings, extractions, sealants, SRP (deep cleanings), SDF, and other perio therapy, additional imaging

  • 15% off crowns, root canals, dentures

  • $25 off KöR Whitening In-Office, $50 off Night Trays

  • $25 off GLO Professional Whitening

  • 1/2 off cold sore laser treatment, OraVerse, DentalVibe

  • Discount not applied to retail items or lab fees/repairs.*


Additional Membership Guidelines:

  1. Additional services due at the time of service: a deposit may be required to reserve an appointment. Services not paid in full will be billed at the usual and customary/non-discounted rate.

  2. Membership lasts 1 year from enrollment; services not completed will be forfeited. All fees are non-refundable/transferable. Membership will auto-renew unless cancelled in writing.

  3. Membership does not cover any services provided outside of Riverbend Dentistry; specialist referrals may be necessary.

  4. Membership fee discounts do not apply to any office-wide special pricing promotions.

  5. Current patients’ accounts must be in good standing–no past due balances or missed appointments within the last six months.

  6. Two cleanings and exams must be scheduled at enrollment; clinical staff may determine deep cleanings are necessary.

  7. Must follow all Riverbend Dentistry office policies including missed appointments will result in an additional $75 fee. Members may be dismissed from the practice after two “missed” appointments or for non-payment; enrollment fees are non-refundable.

  8. Membership terms may be altered each year by Riverbend Dentistry prior to re-enrollment.

  9. *Membership discounts currently do not apply to implants as they are at our lowest promotional price.

  10. This is NOT insurance and should not be construed as such; it cannot be used with dental insurance.